With a humanitarian heart Tara and her beauty team have lent their time and talents to Doris Johnson Cosmetology Class, BTVI, and The Children’s Emergency Hostel. She has assisted countless young ladies who have participated in beauty pageants while promoting their charitable causes like HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence Awareness. In addition to her charitable work, she has also donated to the Special Olympics Organization.


Being a passionate hair and beauty educator she has taught care methods for natural and processed hair and color application techniques at Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta, GA, the Ashtae Headquarters in North Carolina, and RACA- Renee’s Advanced Cosmetology Academy.


Tara has attended Dudley’s Cosmetology University in North Carolina, BTVI, and Ashtae Advanced Training Insititute. She has worked with Perceptions of Beauty Salon and Renee’s Beauty Salon. Tara, the sole proprietor of Metamorphosis Beauty Salon opened her doors in 2010 located on Jerome Avenue.  

She is 35, and has dedicated over 13 years of promoting healthy hair in The Bahamas.